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The Top 5 Ethnic Wear Styles for Men in India


Men’s ethnic wear in India has a rich and vibrant history and its popularity is increasing day by day. The advent of online shopping for ethnic wear for men has made it easier than ever to embrace the traditional styles in the most versatile way possible. In the given article, we will delve into the top 5 ethnic wear for men in India that have garnered significant attention and appreciation. 

The Top 5 Ethnic Wear Styles for Men in India

Kurta pyjama: A Timeless Classic-

Without mentioning the timeless kurta pyjama, one cannot discuss ethnic wear for men in India. This ensemble comprises a loose-fitting, long shirt (kurta) paired with straight-cut pants, i.e pyjamas. It is a versatile choice suitable for diverse occasions that ranges from casual get-together to formal events. With the convenience of online shopping for men’s ethnic wear, finding the perfect kurta set for men has become the easiest task.

Sherwani: Royalty in Attire

For weddings and special occasions, a sherwani stands as a symbol of grandeur. This outfit features a long, coat-like jacket adorned with intricate embroidery and detailing as well. It can be paired with churidar pants and a matching stole or dupatta, appropriate for men’s style trends. Sherwanis come in a wide array of styles; from traditional to contemporary, that allows men to choose one that aligns with their style and personality. 

Pathani Suit: Simple Elegance-

The Pathani suit, also known as the Afghan suit or the Pathani kurta is celebrated for its versatility and style. This comprises a long kurta paired with straight-cut pants. Its simplicity and comfort makes it an excellent choice for casual gatherings, festivals and even everyday wear. Ethnic wear for men online stores offer an extensive selection of Pathani suits in various colours and designs making it a preferred option among the younger generation.

Nehru Jacket: Contemporary Chic-

The Nehru jacket represents a modern twist on traditional Indian men’s ethnic wear. It is named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and this sleeveless jacket speaks about a minimalist design. It can be effortlessly layered over a kurta or formal shirt and trousers that only adds an air of sophistication to any outfit. Nehru jackets for Men are available in various fabrics- such as silk, linen and wool, making them suitable for different seasons and occasions.

Dhoti Kurta: A Time-Honoured Classic-

For those seeking an authentic and deeply rooted ethnic wear experience, the dhoti kurta ensemble is an ideal choice. Dhoti is an unstitched cloth that serves as the lower garment, while the kurta acts as the upper garment. This attire exudes elegance and cultural richness that makes it a favoured option for religious ceremonies and festivals. Men’s ethnic wear online shops offer contemporary variations of dhoti kurtas that are not only easy to wear but also exceptionally comfortable.


The world of ethnic wear for men in India has evolved significantly, providing a broad spectrum of choices to cater to various occasions and individual preferences. Whether one moves towards the classic kurta pyjama; the opulent sherwani; the versatile Pathani suit; the modern Nehru jacket or the traditional dhoti kurta; there is an option to suit every taste. With the convenience of online shopping for ethnic wear for men, exploring and experimenting with these diverse styles has become easiest. So, embrace your cultural heritage and make a fashion statement by incorporating these top 5 ethnic wear styles for men in India into your wardrobe.


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